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I highly recommend using this company

By: maxanarchy | February 1, 2016

I liked the fact that they were straightforward and knew exactly how to fix the problem. My garage door works better than it has since I bought my house three years ago, nothing beats a lifetime warranty to back up also. The service was fast, courteous and the service guy was early that was a plus.

Classic Garage Doors

1428 Summit Blvd Cleveland, OH

category: Garage Doors - Contractors

Let me tell you my story

By: judithbooth | January 30, 2016

Classic Garage Doors just saved me over $700. I am a new first time homeowner with very little experience in home maintenance. Last week, my garage door wasn't opening. So I called a big company that had a "coupon" for a $89 service check. The guy came out, said I needed new everything, quoted me over $1000 to repair, and said he could try to cut the price down to $700. I wanted to do some research, so I paid him his $89 service charge and then went online.
Next I called the Classic Garage Door company.
They answered the phone immediately and set an appointment that worked with my schedule, on the weekend. Their guy just left my house, after charging $0. He showed me where the other company completely, flat out, lied to me about my motor setting. He explained every part of my garage door, springs, motor, and other parts, and why nothing needed replacing. Even at no charge, oiled everything - which the other company didn't even do! Even when I tried...


Classic Garage Doors

4240 W. 23rd St. Cleveland, OH

category: Garage Doors - Contractors

Garage Door Mix-up

By: KPW | November 23, 2015

We recently purchased a garage door from Garage One. After waiting over 5 weeks for the door that we wanted, it was installed, only to discover that it was not the colour that we had ordered. The technician, Nick, thought that we had called in and changed the colour, which we had not. The girl in the office said that another customer had changed their colour and somehow it ended up on our invoice. That night Ahmed came to our door unannounced and basically accused us of changing the colour and said that he would be investigating. My husband and I were very upset, and my husband told Ahmed to put our old door back on and we would take our business elsewhere. In the end they admitted their mistake and we got the door we wanted.
The technician was prompt and courteous, but his boss needs to get his facts straight before confronting customers. We were happy in the end, but we were made to feel very uncomfortable in the interim.

New garage door controller needed

By: Liz | September 4, 2015

These guys really helped us out! A power surge fried a number of our appliances including the controller for our garage door. Shawn and his colleague were prompt, professional, and fixed everything on the spot. There was no ordering of parts and waiting around for a week! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Thorough and great selection

By: Dorothy J. Lynch | May 6, 2015

Extremely pleased with the styles and selection provided. They laid out twenty individual styles when we were first at the showroom and the painting is fully customizable. There were some extra add-ons and stylings we got to choose from. It was a very thorough and impressive presentation.

Dont Trust these guys

By: non-member | April 28, 2015

I had a bad experience with the service engineer from (also - 1877-636-6770. The garage door was just not closing all the way down. I explained the problem and he told right away that it would cost 500$ plus to open the entire thing out and look at the issue. I was pretty sure that that wasnt the case and it was a small problem. He was telling me that he couldn't even open the garage door manually. I wasn't ready for 500$ plus and told him that I need to check and get back. He said I need to pay 45$ plus tax for service fees which I did for his one minute (no) job. After he left I could engage the motor and the garage was able to open which he didn't even try. I called the service guy again to inform him of this and he told even if we would come and take a look he would tell the same thing as before (i.e. the 500$ stuff)....PATHETIC... I called my friend later that evening and all that was required was a slight push on the bent track that made...


Dormaster Garage Doors & Windows

3343 Bloor Street West Etobicoke, ON

category: Garage Doors - Contractors

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